Tigray Health Research Institute (THRI) was established by the  proclamation No.265/2007 and inaugurated on July, 2008 E.C. Tigray Regional Laboratory was established in 1985 E.C to strengthen the laboratory services in Tigray region.

  1. Undertake research, based on  national public health research agenda, on priority health and nutrition problems, and  generate, absorb and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge to improve the health of the general public;
  2. In collaboration with the concerned bodies conduct surveillance for the early identification and detection of public health risks and prevent public health emergencies through adequate preparedness; and alert, warn and dispatch timely information during public health emergency, respond effectively and timely and ensure rapid recovery of the affected population from the impact of the public health emergency;
  3. Strengthen  its laboratories with trained man power and technology to undertake problem solving researches provide effective response to public health emergencies, carry out referral diagnostic and analytical tests; and support the capacity building of health and food science laboratories at the national level to enable them provide quality laboratory services.

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