Empowering Health

Our Foundation Story

THRI leads the way in enhancing health services in the Tigray region through research, public health emergency management, capacity building, and diagnostic services.

Founded as the Tigray Regional Laboratory in 1985 E.C., THRI has evolved to address public health challenges through innovative research and service provision.
THRI has served a diverse range of clients, including healthcare professionals, governmental agencies, and international organizations, in its mission to improve community health.
Performing research, public health emergency management, capacity development of health professionals and providing diagnostic services which collectively address public health challenges.
To be a leading health research and diagnostics center by 2025.

Our Core Values

Guiding principles that drive our mission and vision


We are committed to delivering exceptional quality in our research, services, and impact on public health outcomes.


We work hand in hand with partners, stakeholders, and communities to foster meaningful partnerships and shared success.


We embrace creativity and continuous improvement, driving innovative solutions that shape the future of healthcare.

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