About THRI

Tigray Health Research Institute (THRI) was established by the  proclamation No.265/2007 and inaugurated on July, 2008 E.C. Tigray Regional Laboratory was established in 1985 E.C to strengthen the laboratory services in Tigray region. Later on with the opening of additional departments, the regional laboratory evolved in to Tigray Health Research Institute with the blessing of Tigray regional government. 

As THRI is primarily a research institute, it has Level A Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved by Ministry of Science and Higher Education (IRB 002/2019). So far 31 research proposals have got ethical clearance at THRI. In addition, the IRB is also registered at U.S. department of Health and Human Services /HHS/. 


Performing research, public health emergency management, capacity development of health professionals and providing diagnostic services which collectively address public health challenges.


To be a leading health research and diagnostics center by 2025.

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