Public Health Research and Emergency Management (PHEM) Directorate

The Public Health Research and Emergency Management Directorate (PHEM) plays a vital role in safeguarding public health. We combine the power of research with robust emergency response capabilities to promote population health resilience.

Our four specialized case teams tackle distinct areas of public health:

  • Public Health Case Team: These are the strategists of public health. They investigate health issues, analyze trends, and develop evidence-based solutions to improve community health. Working with stakeholders, they implement strategies for disease prevention, health promotion, and equitable access to healthcare.
  • Nutrition Case Team: They focus on ensuring healthy populations through proper nutrition. They research dietary patterns, food insecurity, and obesity prevention. They develop educational programs, advocate for healthy food access policies, and evaluate the impact of nutrition interventions.
  • Environmental & Occupational Health Case Team: Protecting health from environmental threats is their priority. They identify environmental hazards and occupational risks, from air quality to workplace safety. Through policy recommendations and community engagement, they mitigate these threats.
  • Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) Case Team: Preparedness is their watchword. They develop emergency response plans, train staff, coordinate resources during crises, communicate with the public, and evaluate response efforts for continuous improvement.

By working together, these case teams build population resilience. We leverage research to inform strategies that promote health and well-being, while ensuring robust emergency response capabilities are in place to address any public health threats that may arise.

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