Laboratory Research, Diagnostics, and Quality Assurance Directorate

Laboratory Research, Diagnostics, and Quality Assurance Directorate

The Laboratory Research, Diagnostics, and Quality Assurance Directorate is the backbone of our laboratory operations. We combine cutting-edge research with high-quality diagnostics and rigorous quality control to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Our strength lies in our six specialized case teams, each playing a crucial role:

  • Medical Microbiology Case Team: These are the detectives of the microscopic world. They identify pathogens causing infectious diseases, assess antibiotic resistance patterns, and provide clinical microbiology services to support patient care decisions.
  • Entomology Case Team: Insects and arthropods don’t stand a chance against this team. They specialize in studying these creatures that can impact human health. They investigate vector-borne diseases, monitor insect populations, and develop strategies to control these disease vectors.
  • Biochemistry Case Team: Unlocking the secrets within your samples – that’s their expertise. They analyze biochemical markers to diagnose diseases and monitor treatment effectiveness. They provide critical information on metabolism, enzymes, and biomolecule levels to guide patient management.
  • Parasitology Case Team: Parasites beware! This team specializes in identifying parasitic infections in humans and animals. They perform diagnostic tests and collaborate with healthcare providers to determine the most effective treatment protocols.
  • Immunohematology and Pathology Case Team: Blood safety and tissue analysis are their domain. They ensure safe blood transfusions, maintain accurate donor records, and perform histological examinations to aid in disease diagnosis.
  • Quality Assurance Case Team: Maintaining the highest standards is their priority. They implement quality control measures, monitor performance metrics, and review testing procedures to ensure compliance with regulations and continuous improvement within the laboratory.

By harnessing the expertise of these diverse teams, the directorate fuels scientific progress, enhances disease diagnostics, and optimizes treatment efficacy. We do all this while upholding the strictest quality assurance measures, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of every test we perform.

Laboratory Services

  • HIV diagnosis in HIV exposed early infant diagnosis,
  • CD4 count, Viral Load,
  • Hepatitis B Viral Load,
  • Diagnosis of Rabies,
  • Diagnosis of  MDR TB,
  • Bacteriological culture and DST ,
  • Bacteriological Water analysis,
  • Quality Assessment of Laboratories in Tigray.
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