Directorates and Offices

The institute is organized in seven directorates and four offices. Under each directorates, there are case teams tasked to execute specific duties. The directorates and offices of the institute are listed as follows:

  1. Public Health Research and Emergency Management Directorate
    • Public Health Case Team
    • Nutrition  Case Team       
    • Environmental & Occupational Health Case Team
    • Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) Case Team
  2. Laboratory Research, Diagnostics and Quality Assurance Directorate
    • Medical Microbiology Case Team
    • Entomology Case Team
    • Biochemistry Case Team
    • Parasitology Case Team
    • Immunohematology and Pathology Case Team
    • Quality Assurance Case Team
  3. Research Monitoring, Training and Publication Directorate
    • Research Monitoring Case Team
    • Capacity Building Case Team
    • Publication, Knowledge Translation (KT) and Dissemination Case Team
  4. Biomedical Research and Technology Transfer Directorate
    • Molecular Biology Case Team
    • Traditional and Modern Medicine Case Team
    • Biotechnology Case Team
  5. Human Resource Directorate
  6. Finance, Procurement and Property Directorate
  7. Planning, Budget, Monitoring and Evaluation  Directorate
  8. Public Relations Office
  9. Gender  Office
  10. Internal Audit Office
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